Tenant FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers asked by tenants.
If you have any further questions please contact us

Where do I begin?
Can I see the room?
Can I book a room online?
When do I sign the contract?
How do I get the keys?
Do you accept children and/or pets?
Do you cover all of London?
Do I need pay a deposit?
Which bills are included?
How can I pay my rent?
Can I pay weekly?
What’s in the room?
Is there Wi-Fi?
What services are included?
Who manages the property?
How do I report a repair?
Will the property be inspected?
What happens if I am locked out of the property, or have lost my key?
Will I know who I’m living with?
Relocation Service?
What should I do with the pictures I’m asked to take when I move in?
How do I top up my gas and electricity?
What if I need to leave before the contract ends?
How much notice do I need to give?
Do I need to pay until the end of the tenancy?
Do I need to clean up?
What do I do with the keys?
Do you check the room too?
When do I get my deposit back?
Can I release my deposit myself?
What if I find a replacement?
I have more questions...

What our clients say