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How we started

London is an incredible place to live. It is about energy, innovation, aiming high and having a fantastic time. You can do anything here, but I will never forget arriving in Whitechapel in 2002. My cool, new London loft turned out to be the width of a single bed and so dirty it took me four days to get it clean.

A few weeks later, I took a shower at my friend’s place - my boiler still was not working - and I had one of my “what if” moments! What if moving to London was a joy not a misery? What if you could pick a stylish place online and it would be even better in reality? What if your agency was a place you could drop in for a coffee and a chat and people really seemed to listen?

My friends said, “Go on Jason, do it - and we will move in.”

And two properties came my way.

Why we genuinely care

It is very exciting to create something completely different and those first six months of City Rooms were some of the best of my life. I had met the amazing woman who became my wife and together we shaped City Rooms around values we believed in and wanted to live. We focused on trust, reliability, quality for money and being genuinely caring.

If you do something really well, people love it, and by 2010 City Rooms was bigger than I would ever imagine. Back at home, I now had two gorgeous little children tearing around with sticky fingers and I started thinking about how living with other people is a messy business! I realized that we needed to lavish a lot of time and attention on our rooms, renovating and repainting them so they stayed fresh and inviting. We invested again and we grew… and grew…

We're friendly and easy to deal with

2018 and City Rooms is a big, friendly office in the heart of London’s cutting-edge East End. When I look around me, I am incredibly proud to be surrounded by a dream team of young, dynamic professionals who care about what they do and make me smile every day. Even better, some of these people met us through renting from us and liked City Rooms so much they decided to stay.

London means many things to me and my family, but above all, it represents freedom. Arriving here is not the end of the journey but a beginning. City Rooms arrived a long time ago and it is still growing, changing, and evolving. With over 2,000 rooms, a team of 90 wonderful staff and new properties in Marylebone, Maida Vale and Hammersmith, we look forward to helping you make your beginning here special and supporting you on your journey. So you can love London too.

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