Why Flat sharing?


Are you looking to move to London? If your answer is yes then we are the company for you. City Rooms is one of the most prominent accommodation providers in the most vibrant and fashionable areas of London. We specialise in flat/house share, as well as whole flats/apartments/houses and we trust flat sharing can be one of the best parts of London living and our team is dedicated to understanding your individual needs. We have an impressive selection of well-equipped, quality rooms to rent. At City Rooms we constantly strive to give you the widest range of accommodation options and a worry-free stay. You might be thinking about why flat sharing is a better alternative to renting a house or even buying one, and so here are some reasons why flat sharing is the way to go.

One of the main reasons that renting a room while visiting places like London is because of how affordable it is compared to hotels. Did you know, booking a simple hotel room in London is on average £150 to £200 a night, whereas renting a room in the same area via flat sharing or house sharing is only £150 to £200 a week, which means you could save over £500. Also, you can choose where to live. Meaning that you can live in a beautiful area, such as in central London, overlooking the Thames, where you normally wouldn't be able to afford to live if you were renting a house. Here at City Rooms we have rooms available to rent right in the centre of London at amazingly good prices.

House share is having your own bedroom in a house where you share the other facilities (kitchen, bathroom). A benefit of this is that the properties are usually larger so you tend to have more room space in the property. House sharing is when you rent a room in a house, the toilet and kitchen may not be on the same floor, and there might be a living room, or maybe a garden. House sharing is great because a group of friends can rent out multiple rooms in the house and have a great time together. There is a lot more open space for people to have a great time with friends and maybe even have a party in the garden. Houses also have much more room in general, including a larger kitchen. House Sharing can also be slightly more private because if Room A is on the top floor, Room B is on the middle floor, and Room C is on the ground floor, then all three rooms are on separate levels, and so there is a lot more privacy. Also, houses are in the middle of town, which means if you look outside the window, all you will see is another house.

Flat share is having your own bedroom in a flat or apartment where you share the other facilities. A benefit of this is that usually apartments have brilliant views and the properties tend to be newer, extremely modern and stylish. Flat sharing is renting a room in a flat, which means the kitchen, toilet, and your room is all on the same floor in a flat. Flats are more like an apartment. Some of our rooms have amazing views overlooking canary wharf, the river Thames, even central London. We also have flats with a gym, swimming pool, a spa, and private parking in a garage. Flats are also usually brand-new properties, and so you might be the first person to ever live in that room. Flat sharing is usually 2-3 rooms per flat, and so there are usually less rooms than a house.

Another advantage to flat sharing is that you can let someone else worry about maintenance, repairs and bills. So instead of waiting around ages and calling up hundreds of people for a boiler replacement, all you would have to do is pick up the telephone and call the maintenance team, who are available 24/7, and they will sort out the rest, at no additional cost to you. Most flat sharing providers even include Wi-Fi and rooms are usually always fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe & chest drawers. Here at City Rooms we also have a tenancy agreement with early termination flexibility, relocation service if there are any problems, and deposit protection by a government recognised organisation. Flat sharing also can reduce your household bills, sharing a flat with three or four other people means that costs like food and drinks, toiletries etc can all be shared, which in the long run, means more spare money for you to go have a drink with some friends.

Now let’s talk about the types of rooms you can have:

Single rooms are great for a person who wants a small cosy room with a single bed. This is great for someone who has a low budget and wants full privacy. Single Rooms. Single rooms are smaller rooms with single beds, and are usually the cheapest rooms you can rent. So, if you have come from abroad, alone and need a safe, comfortable place to stay for a while, single rooms are the way to go.

Also available are Single Ensuite rooms, which may cost slightly more, but have an ensuite toilet. Perfect if you aren't comfortable using a communal toilet. These rooms are also less common, and so if you manage to get yourself a single ensuite room, it will definitely be a treat.

A Twin room is usually a double room which has two separate beds. This is great for friends who want to rent and stay in the same room with one another but do not want to sleep in the same bed. Twin Rooms. Twin rooms are usually double rooms with two single beds included. This particular room is great for friends who want to rent a room but don't want to sleep in the same bed. While these types of rooms are more common in hotels, Twin rooms are the rarest rooms available due to the unusual nature of the room type.

A Double room for single-use is in the name. You get the benefit of having a large double room however it is just for yourself with a double bed. Benefits include having more space for yourself with full privacy. Flat/House sharing providers also have double rooms for single use, which is great if you are one person, but prefer to have some more space in the room or maybe would prefer a double bed. A double room is the same as a double room (single-use) except, it is for 2 people. This is great for couples or friends to rent who want or do not mind sharing a bed together. Double rooms are the most common rooms available at City Rooms. These rooms come in many shapes, sizes and prices. Double rooms are perfect for couples or young people who are comfortable sharing a room with their friend. All double rooms include a double bed, and are fully furnished. These rooms are available all over London.

An ensuite double room is a large double room which has a private ensuite bathroom and a double bed. This is great for couples who want even more privacy as you will have your own separate bathroom rather than sharing the same bathroom with everyone else in the property. Deciding on whether you should rent a room in a flat or a house really depends on you. If you are young and have slightly more to spend, you might consider renting a room on the top floor of a building in central London with an amazing view, gym, parking and spa all included. Whereas if you are trying to save up to buy your own property, and not interested in views or a gym, you might go for a cheaper comfortable room in East London if you are more into a traditional homely feel.

Written by: City Rooms