How To Help The Environment, And Your Wallet, Whilst Renting


With 31% of UK properties being rented, it usually comes with a lot of rules and regulations which mean you don’t have a huge amount of freedom in your place. So when it comes down to being aware of the impact we have on the environment and working to a better world, it seems pretty difficult to make any difference when in a flat. What can we do in a rented place? Well here are some small, inexpensive changes that can not only help the world but help keep your financial costs down, like your water and heating bills.

Getting an energy monitor is always a good place to start. Having a visual representation of not only how much electricity you’re using but how much money you’re spending monthly can make a big difference. By raising awareness of what you’re doing you’ll most likely be that bit more mindful. Studies have shown between a 3-15% decreases in use because of a monitor. At the moment you do still have to pay for one or go through your energy provider to get one but the government does plan to have one in every household by 2020 which is good news.

Now to help with your water bills there is a few different helpful solutions that can bring those costs down a bit. You can save on your heating and water bills and use up to 60 per cent less water by fitting an aerator to any taps and shower heads in your bathroom and kitchen. Also, most water companies will give you a ‘Save-a-flush’ bag for free if you ask for one, and that will turn your toilet into a low-flush one. There is a bit more of a D.I.Y option which is to fill a plastic water bottle with sand, and pebbles, and water and placing it in the cistern. This will save you a litre for every time you flush the toilet.

If you can try to wash all your clothing at 30C or 40C, buy eco-friendly washing powder as well if it accessible to you. If you do have a Tumble drier try to use it as little as possible and only for things you’re going to wear immediately. You can buy a fold down clothes horse if you have a lot of space, but if you don’t have all that much you can get one that hangs over a radiator or window seil to help your clothes dry as well.

Another option, for if you’re truly very dedicated is getting a wormery. They come in different sizes, don’t smell because the food is processed so quickly and you get a product that you can use for your plants as well. They can go indoors or outdoors so you have options there too.

It’s safe to say you aren’t going to be stuck without options to take for of the environment and help yourself financially. With cheap hacks and DIYs to more expensive solutions. You can choose to do the minimal for yourself or get fully stuck in with worms. The choice is yours.

Like candles? Other uses for the washi tape are lining picture frames, or putting patterns on them. I don't suggest covering the entirety of any objects with washi tape as its difficult to get it to look clean, and not like tape just wrapped around everything. If you have blinds, you can also line the blinds with the tape as well. The best thing about the tape, is that it’s not final, you can change it whenever you like.Another tip I’d suggest is that if you have curtains, buy some cheap fabric, fold it in half and sew. You don't need to be skilled to do this, turn it inside out and you can use them to tie back your curtains.

I hope these tips were helpful for you. I’ve read so many articles that end up looking like they cost more than what they're worth, so you should definitely be able to keep within a small budget with these ideas. There are so many options with colours as well, so it's not restrictive at all. If you do use any of these tips make sure you tweet us with the tag #cityroomsblog so we can have a look at your rooms.

Written by: City Rooms