Shoreditch Area Guide

Introduction to Shoreditch

No matter the day or time, Shoreditch will always be bursting with opportunities to enjoy its variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping options. Everyone loves this very weird and interesting pocket of East London. Many see Shoreditch as the birthplace of English theatre and the cultivator of London fashion and street art..


BOXPARK is the world’s first pop-up mall, it holds 60 shipping containers that have all been converted into shops and restaurants. It is a very unique shopping experience and as the shopping continually changes you'd expect to see the same classic restaurants holding their place.

Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market is one of the oldest markets, it dates back to 1638, gave a license for produce to b sold on the outskirts of London.Today, it stands as one of the capital’s most eclectic markets, offering anything from fresh fruit and furniture to pretty pastries and antique collectibles.

Culture capital of London

This amazing culture capital of London is also home to the best college in Britain to specialise in fashion education, research and consultancy’ – the London College of Fashion. It is famed for producing fashion icons such as Jimmy Choo and William Tempest.

Street Artists

Street artists will come from all over the globe to add their unique signature to the area. With colours bursting all through and famously priceless Banksy Murals too. You won’t look round any corner without seeing some breathtaking art.

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