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Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account name: Oliver Walton Ltd Client Account
Sort Code: 30-97-73
Account No: 43685468

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IBAN: GB41LOYD30977343685468

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Tenancy Guide


You have been provided with a copy of the Tenancy Agreement Template. You should read this carefully to ensure that you agree with the content. If you are unsure about the meaning of any clause, you should take independent legal advice.


Prior to the tenancy being offered, credit, employer, previous landlord and bank references may be obtained in respect of all tenants by professional referencing agencies acting on our behalf.

Proof of Identity

You must satisfy a Right to Rent check, as this is required by law. Please provide your passport copy and share code when it applies.

Holding deposit

If you want to book a room, you will be expected to pay a holding deposit equivalent to agreed one week rent. Once this amount has been paid, we will stop advertising the room.

In the event of the parties proceeding with the tenancy, the paid holding deposit will be deducted from the move in monies required from you before check in.

If we decide not to rent to you, or an agreement is not reached before the Deadline for Agreement (provided you are not at fault), we will refund the holding deposit to you in full.

If you provide false or misleading information which reasonably affects our decision to rent to you, or if you fail a right to rent check, or if you withdraw from the proposed tenancy agreement (after 72 hours when you did not carry out a viewing), or if you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter an agreement when we have done so, we will retain your holding deposit. In the event that we intend to retain your holding deposit, we will set out in writing the reason for this within 7 days of either deciding not to enter the tenancy agreement or the Deadline for Agreement.

Documents required from through Referencing:

  • Full name, email address and mobile number
  • Emergency contact details
  • Your past 3 years of residential address in the UK and home country
  • Your employer’s contact details (if you are employed)
  • Your last 3 months payslips (if you are employed)
  • Your last 3 months bank statements (compulsory)
  • University enrolment letter (if you are a full-time university student)
  • Guarantor’s ID, employment, bank statements (if you are full time university student, a guarantor is required)
  • Right2rent documents including passport and share code etc.
  • If you wish to use Reposit (zero deposit facility), your gross annual salary must be at least 30 times more than your monthly rent i.e., if your monthly rent is £1,000, your annual gross salary must be at least £30,000 or above.

Your Financial affordability:

You confirm that your past 3 months bank statement and payslips can prove sufficient and stable net monthly income, which is more than £500 of your monthly rent i.e., if your rent is £600 per month, you need to prove that your net income is minimum £1,100 per month

What is the ‘Deadline for Agreement’?

Unless specifically agreed, the Deadline for Agreement will be 15 days after the holding deposit has been received by us and 3 working days before the tenancy starts date.


For any cancellation request, please email, we do not accept any other format of communication for cancellation. If you made the booking without a viewing, you have 72 hours cooling off period.


If you made this booking without a viewing, you can request a viewing within 72 hours, if you decide to cancel after viewing, you will be given full refund, you need email by the end of the day when viewing was conducted.

You can request a viewing any time, however after 72 hours, a series of work towards the tenancy would have started, so if there is change of mind, we will offer exchange to a different booking but not full refund.


Please email for any difficulties during your journey of renting from us.

I have read and accepted the Tenancy Guide.
I have read and accepted the Tenancy Guide.

House Rules

in a Shared City Rooms Property

  • Do not bring pets
  • Do not bring anyone who is not in the contract to live in the property
  • Do not smoke in the property
  • Do not consume drugs in the property
  • Do not consume excessive alcohol in the property
  • Do not cover or disable fire alarms at any time
  • Do not obstruct fire exit at any time
  • Keep kitchen clean after use
  • Keep bathroom clean after use
  • Keep personal items in your own room
  • No parties during weekdays and Sunday evenings
  • No parties after 11pm on Friday or Saturday evenings
  • Do not conduct any anti-social behaviour
I have read and accepted to follow the House Rules.
I have read and accepted the House Rules.
I have been provided with and read the Tenancy Agreement Template.
By making this booking, I agree to receive or sign documentation which relates to my tenancy, including but not limited to: the tenancy agreement, how to rent guide, prescribed information, and any notices, electronically to the email address I have used to make this booking.
I am making this booking from London.
I am making this booking from abroad (or outside of London).

I understand that I can withdraw my consent or update my contact preferences at any time by contacting City Rooms.

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