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Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account name: Oliver Walton Ltd Client Account
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Account No: 43685468

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IBAN: GB41LOYD30977343685468

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Thanks for choosing to stay with us (Oliver Walton Ltd t/a City Rooms)!

By making this booking, you (The Tenant) confirm that:

  • You have Right to Rent in the UK and will provide valid photo ID proof within 24 hours of making this booking.
  • You agree to provide all required documentations to our third party referencing platform Vouch within the next 72 hours and 24 hours before moving in.
  • You agree to pay the balance of moving in monies as described in your booking, and sign the agreement before ‘deadline of agreement’.
  • You agree to be liable for rent or licence fee from the agreed starting date in this booking, to avoid any doubt, in case you decide to delay moving in, you are still liable for paying rent/licence fee from the date agreed in this booking.
  • You agree to pay first two months rent in advance before collecting key, if you cannot provide sufficient job reference.
  • If you cannot pass Vouch reference due to affordability we may give you the option to start the contract by paying full security deposit plus 2 months rent in advance, and you agree to take this option when it is given.

What are the required documentations you need agree to provide to Vouch the third party referencing company:

  • Your full name, email address and mobile number
  • Your point of contact details
  • Your past 3 years of residential address in the UK and home country
  • Your employer’s contact details (if you are employed)
  • Your last 3 months payslips (if you are employed)
  • Your last 3 months bank statement (compulsory)
  • Your university enrolment letter, if applies
  • Your guarantor’s ID, employment, bank statements, if a guarantor is required
  • Your own ID for all UK and EEA/Swiss nationalities, Plus resident/biometric card if non- UK and EEA/Swiss nationalities. To pass the affordability, you need have a net earning per month which is £400 greater than your rent. i.e. if your rent is £600 per month, you need prove a net income of £1,000 per month.

What is the ‘Deadline for Agreement’?

Unless specifically agreed, we use the following to decide your ‘Deadline for Agreement’:

If your agreement will start within 1 week, your Deadline of agreement is 72 hours from the booking;

If your agreement will start between 1-2 weeks, your deadline of agreement is 1 week from the booking;

If your contract start more than 2 weeks later, your deadline of agreement is 2 weeks before the Agreement start date.

However, you still need complete your Vouch reference within 72 hours booking and 24 hours before moving in.

Here are some important reminders:

Free relocation: If you find your room is not satisfying, you can request free relocation within 7 days of moving in.

Early termination: If you need terminate your stay before the agreement ending date, you can find a suitable replacement yourself to take over the rest terms. Or, you can use our paid service.

Utilities: You do not need worry about paying council tax, water and internet. However, for electricity and gas there is a cap for each property. Over usage will be shared equally by all rooms. The details of the cap is: electricity and gas we have monthly allowance of £60 allowance for the whole property, and £80 allowance in November, December, January and February.

Communal area cleaning: Due to current pandemic situation, we will not promise free cleaning services anymore. The liability of maintaining a clean communal area will remain with all sharers.

We will retain the holding deposit you paid in the following situations when you:

  • Provide false or misleading information to us or to Vouch
  • Fails a right to rent check
  • Withdraws from a property (decide not to let)
  • Fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement by the ‘Deadline for Agreement’.

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