Testimonials from our Landlords

Jason, the founder started the business 10 years ago, and I'm amazed by his achievement. He literally invented the flat share business, and has managed to provide a great service for his landlords and tenants. He is very dedicated, detailed and reliable. I never worry about checking my bank statements for rent received, as I know his standing order arrives on the same day each month! M. Mcfarelane
I'm busy with my own business, so it's really lovely to have CityRooms manage my investment. Currently they manage two flats for me, both in Bethnal Green. Receiving the rental income on time is great. In addition they manage my periodic gas certificate and electricity check, and all ongoing repairs. Having them run my investment hassle free is lovely.E. Thompson
CityRooms have been managing two of my properties in Mile End. This year in 2014 I wanted to sell one of them, CityRooms vacated my property on time and found me a buyer, who is one of CityRooms landlords too! As a bonus for being a landlord with CityRooms for many years, I was not charged any sales commission.G. Hoy
Lovely team. CityRooms advised me to buy a 3-bedroom house in Canning town. I am very happy with the return. They guarantee the rent for me and I'm getting 7.5% annual return, not to mention the growth in market value! G. Petrou
My experience with CityRooms can only be described as very positive. They clearly have a great deal of experience in this market and have built a well-trained and conscientious support team, which is ideally located within the local area. I look forward to many rewarding years ahead!P. Gill