Tenants FAQ

Do I need pay a deposit?
You will be required to pay a deposit of 6 weeks rent if you are full-time employed and 8 weeks deposit if you are a student or unemployed. Your deposit will be protected by Mydeposit, which is a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme.
How to report a repair?
Call us on 020 7790 5577  and choose option 3 for Maintenance. Or email Our normal working hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, and 11:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday.
When reporting a repair please be ready to provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, address and daytime telephone number
  • Whether you have reported the repair before
  • As much as possible about the repair

What happens if I am locked out of the property?
Please contact our maintenance team to assist you, however there will be a charge for any visit. If you lost your key, you will be responsible for the cost to copy the keys and/or change the lock when needed.

Will there be any inspections whilst I’m living here?
We normally inspect properties every three months and you will be informed in advance to arrange a suitable time.

Who manages the property whilst I am a tenant? Ltd will manage your property and become your landlord. All points of contact will be between you and Ltd.
You will be assigned a Letting Manager at the start of your tenancy. They will help you with situations that cannot be resolved directly by Maintenance or Administration.

Who is responsible for Utilities and Council Tax?
The bills for gas, electricity, water, broadband and Council tax will be registered under Ltd. However there is a limit per month which the company will pay for each property regarding gas and electricity. Any usage above the limit will be shared equally by each room. ltd is responsible for any other bills including the cleaning service.

What if I need leave before the contract ends?
Although your contract is normally fixed for 12 months, we understand London is dynamic and you may need flexibility. We can agree that you may end your tenancy agreement earlier than contracted, as long as you find an appropriate replacement. We also provide a service to assist with finding a replacement tenant, the service will be subject to a fee. We have to let you know that the change of tenancy involves administration work and additional check in/out service time. Therefore we will charge you a small fee for this. The Letting Manager should be able to assist you to choose which option is the most suitable to your needs.

Moving out - How to end your tenancy in seven simple steps
When you signed your tenancy agreement you agreed to give us at least two months' written notice before leaving your home and to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. It is important that you keep to this agreement otherwise you may be charged extra rent, or have to pay for any extra work we have to carry out before new residents can move in.

  1. Give us at least two months' written notice - When you intend to leave your home, you must give us at least two months' written notice. This is a condition of your tenancy with us.
  2. Continue paying your rent - Please remember you are responsible for paying your rent up until the end of your tenancy, or until your keys are handed in, whichever is the latest.
  3. Inform others - If utility bills (water, gas, electricity) are in your name, in most case they are not, you must tell the companies that you are moving out otherwise you may have to pay and become liable for bills after you have left. The gas and electricity companies will need final meter readings, as will the water company if you have a water meter. This is so they can work out your final bill. You will be required to leave a forwarding address and contact number.
  4. Clean your home when you move Please leave your room and common area in the same condition as you found it in. Repairs that are needed and are not your responsibility must be reported to us. Otherwise, we will charge you for the extra cleaning or repairs work.
  5. Hand in your keys to CityRooms and notify us of your bank details where you want the deposit to be returned. - You must return the keys of your property to our head office at 144 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E1 5QJ. You will be liable for rent until all keys are returned to us. If you do not hand in your keys by 11am you will be required to pay another full week's rent. Before you leave, please make the property safe by locking all the doors. If you have window keys, please lock the windows and leave the window keys in the property.
  6. Final inspection - We will inspect the property within 1 working day of receiving the keys and will conduct an inventory as part of the checkout process. We will also contact the utility companies to give meter readings to establish your accurate usage.
  7. Return your deposit - If you have a deposit or rent paid in advance, this will be returned to you within 14 days once we ensure that your bills have been paid, and that there are no rent arrears or unpaid fees on your account and there is no damage to the property.